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Recent quotes from Journal of Chess Research Editorial Board members

“All too often in the international chess community many benefits of chess are assumed without any empirical research to support such claims. The problem is that there is a definite need to collect data systematically to determine what all of the benefits of chess are. The international chess community is in the enviable position to foster much needed research on chess and its many benefits.” - Dr. William M. Bart, University of Minnesota

“A game such as chess that has been shown to impact critical thinking, memory, and other brain functions deserves to have an equally broad-based scholarly review so that the potential value of playing to anyone can be substantiate even more firmly. All too often, the reasons for playing chess are anecdotal, and not based on the type of comprehensive study and possible experimentation that would allow claims to be made on a much better foundation.” 
- Dr. Arthur Bowman, Norfolk State University

“The Journal of Chess Research will be open to multiple methodologies, including qualitative research, field and case studies, life story analysis and so forth, in addition to traditional quantitative and experimental research in various combinations. Many chess studies previously published in cognitive and experimental psychology journals are difficult to understand for the average student and scholar of chess research. The articles in the new journal will be published with the goal of being accessible and reader-friendly, to the extent possible, to a wide audience.” - Dr. Joseph Ponterotto, Fordham University